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To protect the health and safety of our guests and associates we have implemented the following sanitization measures to allow an even safer and more serene experience at our hotel

The new concept of cleaning

Public Spaces
Starting with our public spaces and high-traffic areas, we are going above and beyond our normal protocols. We are cleaning surfaces with increased frequency, dedicated staff, and recommended cleaning agents.

Hand Sanitizer
Hand sanitizing stations are being installed at hotel entrances, at our front desks, our elevator banks, our Wellness Center and conference facilities.

Social Distancing
Signage in public spaces will remind our guests to maintain social distancing. We will be adding partitions at check-in to provide an extra level of precaution for our guests and our associates.

Guest Rooms
In guest rooms, we have elevated our rigorous protocols to thoroughly clean all surfaces with hospital-grade disinfectants. And we will be placing disinfecting wipes in each room for your use.

New Cleaning Technologies
We are rolling out enhanced technologies including electrostatic sprayers to sanitize surfaces throughout the hotel. We are also testing ultraviolet light technology for sanitizing guest keys and devices shared by associates. Ultraviolet technology to purify and sanitize air conditioning piping, specific machinery to be installed in our rooms.

Temperature control
we are installing cameras to control the temperature of our customers in the various hotel entrances, including the staff entrance. Where installation of the device is not possible, we will perform manual detection. In the event of a body temperature above the agreed parameters, we will follow the measures indicated by the Ministry of Health

Personal protective equipment
All our staff has been trained to manage emergencies and to know in depth the procedures relating to COVID 19. All collaborators are equipped with individual safety devices.

We remind you that the measures released by the Italian Ministry of Health and the WHO are only a starting point among the cleaning standards used at the Hotel.

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